Project Blackout

In honor of National Poetry Month, myself and a few other poets have decided to initiate a group project. We are all going to create Blackout Poems based on the same newspaper article. If you are not familiar with Blackout Poetry, I’ll briefly explain to you its simple inner-nature. Blackout Poetry is a form of poetry in which poems are constructed using the words in a newspaper article. You blackout the words you don’t want. That which isn’t blackedout becomes your poem. (For an example of a Blackout Poem, please see the following link

Blackout Poetry is truly an amazing, yet unfamiliar and undervalued, form of poetry. It lends a great measure of credence to the idea that the Universe is a poem in progress, and that we poets merely grab a section here and a section there of this ever-unfolding, preexistent, and Universal poem. It reminds us that there is poetry and beauty everywhere, for if we can find it in something as dry and boring as a newspaper article, surely we can find it in other places; that we must look with a keen eye and pay attention.

One of the things I am most excited about in regards to this project is to see how different poets respond to the same newspaper article. That in and of itself is a lesson in language and perception, in differences and similarities. As you read the article, your mind will wander according to its own nature, the language, and the free association of words. You will be confused as to whether you are the wind or the feather being blown about.

To all who are interested in Project Blackout, please adhere to the following information and guidelines:

First, you should know how the article we will be using was selected. I thought it improper for me to choose the article myself. I wanted the selection to be unbiased. So, I devised a plan: use a random word generator to generate one random word; take this word and enter it into the Associated Press’s “News Search” feature, click “Go”, and use as our selection the first search result returned. The word given to me by the random word generator at was: “digging”. Upon entering this word in the “News Search” feature at and clicking “Go”, the first result was an article titled: “South Korea says North preparing for nuclear test”, which you can find at Because of copyright issues, I cannot post the entire article on this site. So, you are going to have to visit that link in order to access the article and construct your poem from it. Being that we are doing this in order of National Poetry Month, the poems need to be finished no later than April 30th, 2012. I would like to publish all of the poems on this site, and also in the first issue of my new magazine, which will go live on June 3rd, 2012. I would also encourage, but not require, each participant to publish all of the poems on their own site or anywhere they see fit. Please send your completed poems to me at By participating in Project Blackout, you understand that your poetry will be published on this site and on You also understand that it is likely to be published on a number of other websites. Please reblog and share this if any of your follower may be interested in participating. Peace and Love to you all, and I look forward to an enriching experinece.

Again, the article from which we will create our poem is to be found at It would make sense for you to go to this link and print a copy of the article (which is allowed), since you never know how long that article will remain on the AP website. To directly access a print-ready copy of the article we’ll be using, please visit the following link Peace.

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7 responses to “Project Blackout”

  1. collecthemomentsonebyone says :

    This is such a fabulous idea! I’ll see if I can contribute a blackout poem🙂

  2. poetdaniel says :

    To access a print-ready copy of the article we’ll be using, please visit the following link

  3. granbee says :

    Daniel, I just saved the newsarticle link and sent it to a folder in my email service. I will submit a blackout poem from this news article by April 29th, okay?

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